Online Therapy

Kerry Moran

“This we have now is not imagination
This is not grief or joy
Not a judging state, or an elation,
Or a sadness.
Those come and go.
This is the Presence that doesn’t.”

— Rumi


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I offer online psychotherapy from a Buddhist perspective via phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or other videoconferencing platforms. I’ve worked with individuals in Hawaii, Germany, Chile, and South Korea, among other far-flung places. I especially enjoy working with expatriates and people with an established meditation practice.

When I began online work 10 years ago, I wondered if it could work as well as the intimate setting of the therapy room. After years of experience, I can say with assurance that distance therapy can be as powerful and transformational as in-person sessions. I’ve worked for months or years with clients whom I have never met in person, yet the intimacy of our work and the depth of our connection speaks for itself.

How It Works
1. E-mail me to schedule a free initial phone consultation—around 15 minutes. Let me know a little about your current situation and the issue(s) you’d like to work with.

2. I’ll get back to you with some possible times for our initial consult. In that first brief call, we’ll explore what’s on your plate and how we might work together.

3. If we decide to work together, you’ll send me payment for the first session ($140) by Paypal or Venmo.

4. Once I receive payment, we’ll schedule your sessions. I’ll be calling you via the platform we agree on.

5. Once we’ve established a working relationship, payment is due immediately after each session. A 24-hour cancellation policy applies. Any positive balance you may have on your account at the time of termination is fully refundable.

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