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“Science explains what happens, and not what is.”

— Albert Camus


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Touching Enlightenment

Here’s Part I of a four-part online meditation retreat with Reggie Ray:

Listen to it for some really wonderful meditation instruction from a perspective that fully embraces embodiment. I highly recommend all of Ray’s work, including his most recent book, Touching Enlightenment.

What I respect about his approach is the way it effortlessly encompasses and is in fact rooted in the body — rather than using meditation as a path to transcending ‘up and out.’ We have huge, huge misconceptions about meditation in this society, of which I will speak more soon. But briefly, meditation is not just a mental trick that we do with our heads. And it is most definitely not something we think. It is the practice of embodied awareness, which is a whole way of being.

In the Comments section below the video, Ray elaborates on a statement he made: “The body is the unconscious, not only in the smaller but also in the largest sense. The body is ultimately our largest person, the buddha nature, of which we are more or less completely unconscious.”

This is about as exciting as it gets, in my book: an approach that integrates incarnation and liberation within a single View. Truly Vajrayana.

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