Guilt vs. Remorse

At first glance neither of the above emotions seems particularly attractive, but I’ve come to believe there’s a profound difference between the two. Namely: remorse is workable; guilt is not. We’re all familiar with guilt. Feeling bad about something we’ve done, we slide into self-recrimination. Often we try to distract ourselves from this unpleasantness with … Read moreGuilt vs. Remorse

Touching Enlightenment

Here’s Part I of a four-part online meditation retreat with Reggie Ray: Listen to it for some really wonderful meditation instruction from a perspective that fully embraces embodiment. I highly recommend all of Ray’s work, including his most recent book, Touching Enlightenment. What I respect about his approach is the way it effortlessly encompasses and … Read moreTouching Enlightenment

Meditation … Isn’t

Here’s a really common misconception I regularly encounter in my work as a Buddhist-oriented psychotherapist: that meditation means stopping thoughts, entering a state of not feeling, not thinking (and probably not breathing, while you’re at it). While settling the mind is a basic meditative practice, it’s not attained by struggling to repress thoughts. At least … Read moreMeditation … Isn’t